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  1. Q Dlubal R-FEM 무료 학생용 버전 신청 방법


    We offer students the opportunity to use our programs free of charge for non‑commercial purposes while enrolled in a university or college. Join the many students who have already benefited from this unique opportunity.

    • Submit your current proof of enrollment and we will provide you with a full version of our software (including all add-on modules except RWIND Simulation and SHAPE-MASSIVE) valid for 1 year.
    • At the end of your license expiration, you can extend the license for an additional year by submitting an updated proof of enrollment at your college or university.
    • It is not permitted to use the software for commercial purposes or to provide the license to third parties.
    • The student version is a full version without limitations or restrictions. You will also have access to our tech support via email at no additional cost.
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