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CESAR-LCPC is an all-purpose software package based on the finite element method and adapted to resolving civil engineering and environmental problems: structural computation, soil and rock mechanics, heat-related problems, hydrogeology, etc...

The main applications for CESAR-LCPC in geotechnical engineering are:
  • Design of embankments, shallow and deep foundations (settlements and soil failure analysis),
  • Slope stability analysis: cut or fill for highways, reinforced slopes, earth retaining structures…
  • Design of underground structures, deep excavations…
  • Seepage, dewatering and consolidation analyses.
In particular, CESAR is well equipped in both 2D and 3D for the design and analysis of tunnels with various methods (conventional, NATM, TBM or cut-and-cover) and in severe ground conditions requiring reinforcement (radial or front bolts, pipe umbrella…). 

The main applications for CESAR-LCPC in structural engineering are:
  • Massive concrete structures (phenomena associated with young hardening concrete),
  • Ancient buildings with masonry structures.
  • Design of pavement structures for airport, tramway or other transport facilities.

CESAR-LCPC v2021.1.2 (102 Mo)

These versions are limited in use but you can open the tutorial files. 




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