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  [튜토리얼] [Strand7] 매스콘크리트 구조물에 대한 온도이력 및 수화열해석 모델링 방법
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Strand7을 이용한 매스콘크리트 구조물에 대한 온도이력 및 수화열해석 모델링 방법입니다.


Strand7 can determine the temperature
history of concrete during the curing phase and analyse its resulting
structural behaviour. This is modelled as a sequentially coupled thermal stress
analysis. This method assumes that the strain field in concrete depends on the
temperature field, but the temperature field can be found without knowledge of
the stress/deformation response.

The first stage of the analysis is to
perform an uncoupled heat transfer analysis. The heat of hydration is a
function of time and entered as a factor versus time table. Calculated
temperature varies with position and is usually time dependent. The second
stage is to perform a stress analysis using the nonlinear transient dynamic
solver, defining nonlinear material relationships for the concrete modulus over


Heat of Hydration:
Heat evolved when cement and water react (exothermic reaction). The amount of heat generated is dependent mostly
upon the chemical composition of the cement.

Ambient Temperature:
The external temperature, may be nonlinear over time (consider variation of temperature for day and nightcycle).

Structure Reference Temperature:
This defines the temperature at which the thermal strain is zero.

Defines the initial temperature at any node.
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