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   ST7- Extracting Shear Wall Design Action Effects.zip (1.3M), Down : 80, 2011-12-15 13:09:33
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Extracting Shear Wall Design Action Effects
This Webnote describes a simple method for extracting the design action effects to be used for the design of shear walls. While useful in many instances, contour plots of stress are not particularly useful for this application. Hence, it is necessary to have a simple method that will accurately extract the pertinent action effects (i.e. in-plane shear, in-plane moment and axial force). If required, out of plane action effects can also be extracted using this method, but for the purpose of simplicity, only in-plane action effects will be discussed here.
In order to provide a thorough explanation of the method, four models will be discussed:
1. ST7- Simple Shear Wall.st7 - A plate model of a simple shear wall subjected only to in-plane lateral actions. This is used to demonstrate how action effects are extracted, and results will be compared with simple hand calculations.
2. ST7- Twelve Storey Shear Wall.st7 - A plate model of a 12 storey building with central lift core, subjected to multiple wind load case combinations.
3. ST7- Six Storey Shear Wall.st7 - A brick model of a 6 storey building with eccentric lift core, subjected to an earthquake load case combination. This is used as an example whereby the lift core is separated into individual components, namely two shear walls and a column.
4. ST7- Six Storey Shear Wall (with beams).st7 – This is the same model as (3), however one blade of the lift core has been replaced with beam elements. This demonstrates that the method used here is capable of being applied to multiple element types.