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  New ACS SASSI NQA Higher Capability Version (IKTR9)
  글쓴이 : 관리자     날짜 : 17-12-20 15:01    
New ACS SASSI NQA Higher Capability Version for Solving Large-Size Multimillion Equation SSI Systems on Regular MS Windows 8/10 PC Workstation Platforms

Recently we released a new higher capability ACS SASSI NQA version for SSI models with up 650,000 nodes or 2.5 million dofs that can be run efficiently on regular MS Windows 8/10 PC workstations. This higher capability version is indicated for applications with large-size SSI models on pile foundations, embedded SSI models with surrounding backfill or SSSI models including multiple neighboring structures.

The new version also incorporates a new thick shell element and fast post-processing capabilities based on compressed binary databases.  As an example, for an large-size RB complex SSI model with about 165,000 nodes, the new STRESS module was able to compute the maximum element stress/force components in all structural elements in less than 10 minutes! This opens a new direction on the practicality of using ACS SASSI for accurate and efficient structural design analyses.

The higher capability version includes also revised Option NON (nonlinear structure) and Option PRO (probabilistic site response and SSI) capabilities in accordance with the recommendations of the new ASCE 4-16 standard on “Seismic Analysis of Safety-Related Nuclear Structures”.  Option NON addresses the nonlinear concrete structures behavior, including concrete cracking and post-cracking behavior, per ASCE 4-16 Section 3, and Option PRO addresses the probabilistic site response and SSI per ASCE 4-16 Sections 2 and 5.5, and also RG1.208 Appendix E.

For more information on ACS SASSI software in general please see ACS SASSI page at http://www.ghiocel-tech.com/engineering-tools