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  Z_Soil.PC V2009 출시 및 업그레이드 내용 안내
  글쓴이 : 관리자     날짜 : 09-01-20 17:09    
범용 지반해석 프로그램인 "Z_Soil.PC V2009"을 개발사인 스위스 "ZACE Services"에서 공식 출시하였습니다.
기존 V7과와 비교하여 다양한 기능이 추가되었으며, 또한 WindowsVISTA 및 멀티코어 CPU를 지원합니다.
V2009로의 업그레이드를 원하시는 사용자께서는 당사로 문의하시기 바랍니다.
V2009에서 새롭게 추가된 기능은 아래와 같습니다.
1. Modeling large foundation rafts in 3D
- piles are modeled as beam elements discretized independently on surrounding continuum
- Mohr-Coulomb friction law is applied
- additional pile foot interface is created to model pull-out effect
- redesigning piles is very fast
- option fully automatic working both at the macro-modeling and finite element levels

2. Hardening Soil/Hardening Soil-small soil model for modeling deep excavations and soil-structure interaction problems
- small strain stiffness of soils is reporduced by HS-small version
- excessive heaving of the bottom of excavation is eliminated
- nice predictions of the influence of excavations on neigbouring structures in urban areas

3. Parametric studies enabling variation of a selected set of material properties to be varied
- creating list of properties to be varied

- postprocessing of parametric output

4. Automatic inheriting of contact strength properties from adjacent continum
- inheriting standard interface strength parameters from adjacent continuum
- inheriting 3D piles interface strength parameters from adjacent continuum

5. Automatic mapping of complex geological layers defined through boreholes on 3D meshes

6. Orthotropic elastic model for shells

7. Directional filtering of added masses in structural dynamics

8. Wood-Armer stress resultants for plates/shells

9. First steps towards parallel computing on multi-core PC platforms
- Z_SOIL v2009 enables running larger 3D models than version v2007 (300 000 DOFS for symmetric stiffness matrices and 200 000 DOFS for nonsymmetric ones)
- Z_SOIL v2009 makes use of multicore platforms (Core Duo or Core Quad processors)