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  ATENA V4 및 업데이트 내용 안내 (콘크리트 균열 예측 및 해석)
  글쓴이 : 관리자     날짜 : 09-08-07 14:07    
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콘크리트 콘크리트 균열 및 비선형 거동 해석 프로그램인 ATENA V4가 출시 되었습니다.
자세한 내용은 [자료실->소개자료]의 업데이트 내용을 참조하시기 바랍니다.

[주요 업데이트 내용 안내]
1. Static Stress Analysis
2. Dynamic Implicit analysis(Newmark’s scheme including the Hughes alpha method) and Eigen Frequencies
3. Implementation of user material support (CC3DUserMaterial/UserMaterialDLL)
4. Postprocessing in GiD + other improvements in AtenaGiD
5. Fixed CCInterface material model (better algorithm for softening/hardening material + fixed interaction of normal and tangential directions)
6. Various small fixes and improvements
7. Element orientation can be displayed
8. Load coefficient for cycling crack opening in fatigue (fatigue_COD_load_coeff)
9. Changed menus, dialogs and redrawing in AtenaWin, added displaying cracks,
a new default window layout and a view+layout storing option
10. Improved color scales in AtenaWin
11. Fixed a problem with displaying springs in AtenaWin
12. Fixed a problem with monitoring, added PRINCIPAL_STRESS monitoring
13. Improved line-plane intersection routines (reinforcement generation)
14. Improved interpolation while importing transport analysis results with few
steps into static analysis
15. Added output filtering + other small fixes and changes in menus, dialogs,
and redrawing in AtenaWin
16. Accelerogram load (keyword MASS_ACCELERATIONS)
17. CCreinforcement material can be limited to tension(COMPRESSION)
18. Reinforcement added in construction process is now attached using
reference coordinates (instead of current deformed) in ATENA 3D
19. Improved precision when importing transport results into static analysis
20. User material support (CC3DUserMaterial)
21. Updated Manuals