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DC-Soft DC-Vibro (동다짐 지반개량 "Vibro-Compaction" 해석 프로그램)

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DC-Vibro (동다짐 지반개량 "Vibro-Compaction" 해석 프로그램)

Analysis of settlement with vibrocompaction
- Analysis foll. Priebe´s method
- Any number of foundations
- Single, strip and circular foundations
- Unlimited load areas
- Different load cases
- Different layers for any analysis section
- Variable layers with column diameters
- Columns: triangular or rectangular raster
- Column arrangement with arbitrary distances
- Immediate control with preview function
- Analysis of the settlement with improvement
- Analysis of the bearing capacity
- Optionally comparison without improvement
- Quick changes of parameters
- Switching from the analysis to the input
- Simple changes with double click
- Export graphic in JPG format (e.g. for Word)
- Bearing capacity with partial safety factors

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☞ 사용 및 설치법
다운로드한 파일의 압축을 해제한 후 (예, "C:\DC-VIBRO"), 압축을 해제한 폴더에서 바로 실행하시면 됩니다.



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