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ATENA at ACI Spring Virtual Convention 2021

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ATENA at ACI Spring Virtual Convention 2021

Durability and Reliability Modelling with ATENA software

Scheduled for Tuesday March 30, 1:45 p.m. - 2:15 p.m. (EST)


Dear ATENA users and friends,

we hope you are doing well. 

As we still cannot talk to you face-to-face due to the covid pandemic, we would like to announce our participation at the ACI Spring 2021 Convention, virtual event (March 28 to April 1, 2021).

You can meet Jan Cervenka during his ATENA presentation titled:

ATENA Software for Assessment of Structural Reliability and Durability – demonstration of practical application to large scale concrete infrastructures, simulation of structural load carrying capacity, reinforcement corrosion and ASR degradation on Tuesday, March 30, 1:45pm-2:15pm.

As the restrictions on travel might be applied for quite some time now, we tend to include more and more webinar videos and step-by-step tutorials on youtube where you can find us and see how beneficial ATENA can be for daily work. 

We look forward to meet you virtually next week and present you the latest development in our ATENA software. If you are not able to visit our stand during the convention, you can find more information about ATENA on our website or contact us ditectly.

Best regards from Prague
Your Cervenka Team


Fig. 1: Results from the assessment of an old reinforced concrete arch bridge, (top) crack width at ultimate limit state loading level, (middle) stresses in reinforcement, (bottom) deformed shape with concrete stresses and crack pattern visualization.

The optimization and inverse analysis of parameters in the presented bridge projects was using the tools and methods developed under the project supported by Technological Agency of Czech Republic -  TF06000016, Advanced system for monitoring, diagnosis and reliability assessment of large-scale concrete infrastructures.tacr_logo.png

Fig. 2: Results from the assessment of a pre-stressed concrete bridge with cantilevered construction, (top) crack width and crack pattern at failure load, (bottom) stresses in tendons and cracks in the box girder walls.


ATENA can simulate the structural behavior in all stages of the construction, service limit states, ultimate limit states or even up to failure or collapse. It contains material models for concrete, rock, masonry, steel, reinforcement, and new advanced materials such as fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC), HPFRC, UHPFRC, ECC and SHCC. 

The latest version of ATENA software you can find on our website.

Get motivated by the accomplishments of your colleagues with ATENA on our website of example projects.

And enjoy selected ATENA nonlinear analysis videos on our YouTube Channel.

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